How should I care for my flowers?

Unpack the flowers from the box immediately upon arrival. Keeping the plastic wrap in place, trim each stem and place directly in luke-warm water. Store in a refrigerator, or cool place, away from direct sunlight and air vents. If you want the flowers to bloom more, keep at room temperature and use warm water to hydrate.


Why do my flowers look sleepy? 

It’s totally normal for your flowers to arrive a little thirsty after travel. It’s important to give them a fresh cut and set them in luke-warm water to refresh. After a few hours, they’ll perk right up. Store in a refrigerator or cool place until use; avoiding direct sunlight and air vents.


Will my flowers look identical to the photos?

For the most part, yes! However, as flowers are a natural product, head size, color shade, and bloom will vary slightly. On a rare instance that a specific flower is out of season or cannot be used, we will thoughtfully select the closest available substitute.


What do I do if a few of my flowers aren’t perfect?

Some flowers are more delicate than others. Roses, for instance, can sometimes have slight browning on the outside petals, what the farm calls “guard petals”. Gently pluck off any spotty petals and they’ll be as good as new. If a carnation has a hint of mold or brown, separate from the group, as not to spread.


How far in advance should I order my flowers?

You should order your flowers at least one week in advance, to give the farm time to gather all the resources needed to ensure a fresh cut product.


What delivery date should I select?

We recommend choosing a delivery date at least 3 days before your event. This will give the flowers time to hydrate and bloom. It also allows a cushion of time, in case of any unexpected weather or mechanical delays in shipping. Friday deliveries are highly discouraged, as your flowers will be held out of water over the weekend if delayed.


How will my flowers ship?

Your flowers will ship fresh from the farm. We partner with exclusive “Farm to Door” programs with UPS and FedEx, that implement unique cold chain procedures. Keep in mind, we cannot ship to PO boxes. Most boxes are delivered by 12:00, but not guaranteed.


What time will my flowers arrive?

Flowers are shipped via UPS or FedEx. Our service providers cannot guarantee a specific time and are unable to telephone recipients prior to delivery. Most boxes are delivered by 12:00, but not guaranteed. The day of your expected delivery, we recommend following the tracking updates and having someone available to process the flowers upon arrival. In rare instances, products might be delivered the next business day due to weather delays or mechanical issues. If there looks to be a shipping delay, please notify us by calling (888) 495-4946. Be sure to call UPS as well, as many times the central operators can reach out to your local facility.


Where do you ship? 

We ship flowers throughout the continental United States, plus Hawaii. Unfortunately, we do not ship to Alaska or other territories at this time. We cannot ship to P.O. boxes. 


Can I change or cancel an order?

Changes and cancellations will be accepted 14 days before the expected delivery date. Any changes or cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to FlowersForTableTops@gmail.com. A change or cancellation is not complete until you receive an official confirmation email back from us. Call (888) 495-4946 for any questions.


What is your refund policy?

It is our number one priority to provide you with fresh flowers, on time. In an unfortunate event that florals do not arrive on time or arrive damage, please email our customer service at FlowersForTableTops@gmail.com AND call (888) 495-4946. immediately after opening your box or a missed delivery. Please do NOT wait until the day before the event or after the event, as the majority of issues can be resolved if we are notified as soon as a problem arises. All concerns must be accompanied with photos. It is important to take several photos, from a variety of angles, so we can better serve you. Flowers are a natural product, which vary in size and color. Refunds and credits are not guaranteed and will be given at our discretion. No credit or refunds will be given if delivery is refused or products are not handled properly.